Thursday, October 6, 2011

Wiki wiki

I think what I found most interesting in exploring wikis was the notion of a learning community that polices itself. Meredith Farkas noted when discussing the ALA wiki she set up, members of the wiki community were policing the site for spam and fixing the pages on a regular basis. It reminded me of a Neighborhood Watch. It proves that wikis have value to the people who are using them.

I like the idea of a wiki as one-stop browsing. They can provide a forum that you trust where all the current information on your subject area can be accessed. A combination of Wegman's (especially back in their dry cleaning and photo developing days) and the local pub.

Libraries can and do use wikis with success. I think adding a book review wiki to a library's website or blog would add value and insight many patrons would appreciate. Pathfinder wikis could be extremely helpful not only for the patron but also for the librarian in offering reference resources. As a professional resource, wikis can provide librarians a community rich with information regarding new technologies, best practices, and even job lists.

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