Monday, September 19, 2011

The Easy Button

Podcasts!  I never tried them even though they have been lurking on my iTunes sidebar for years.  I love listening to the radio, especially NPR so I was thrilled to see the NPR podcast directory.  The best part is that accessing a podcast is so simple even a neophyte like myself can do it right the first time.  I also enjoy being able to hop around if I don't necessarily like what I've gotten myself into.  Its browsing with a search option, I"m hooked!

I found a few news podcasts in Hebrew  on which made my husband very happy and kept him busy for awhile.  As for library related podcasts, check out the following on NPR:

All About Books Podcast


A weekly NET Radio book review and discussion program hosted by Charles Stephen.

Raw Bytes Podcast[KPBX]    

Frank Delaney's comments on technology today and the information revolution, as read on Spokane Public Radio.

PRI's The World - The World's Books Podcast[PRI]

The World Books is a spotlight on international literary news, trends, and authors. The podcast features interviews with authors, critics, publishers, and translators from around the globe. Hosted by The World's Bill Marx.


  1. Hi Anna, your blog looks awesome! I'm glad that you included the library / book related podcasts that you found. I didn't find too many. The "All About Books" podcast sounds interesting.

    Some of the foreign language lesson podcasts really sparked my interest. I took Spanish in undergrad (roughly 10 years ago) and remember some basics, but I would love to learn how to speak it fluently. My brother and sister can!

    P.S. I love your picture!

  2. I too like the idea of a podcast in a different language. I took Latin, and besides listening to Gregorian Chants I don't get to practice my translation skills very often. Maybe I will look for some podcasts in Latin. There have to be other dead language followers out there in cyberspace. I am curious. Do you remeber what site you were using to find podcasts? I didn't find too many that I was happy with, and was wondering if you had found a better alternative.